ISTE Mashup


Narrative Film making from elementary students
Students from an elementary school talk about their experiences working in groups to produce videos. This video was a segment of the an award-winning elementary video in the 42nd Annual California Student Media Festival (

"Wordle" (Tagul) Chromakey
This video was built from a shot of a teacher in front of a green shower curtain (Ikea, $6). In iMovie, it was chromakeyed onto a screen short of a word cloud created at The screenshot of Tagul was imported into iMovie. In this case, it was a video of the Tagul word cloud captured with SnapzPro (Camstudio on a PC). A still of a Wordle would have worked just as well. This can be done in Moviemaker on a PC, although it takes so much effort it is easier to buy a good editing program with chromakey--like Adobe Premier Elements (>$50 school price), or other PC program.

Blabberize of FDR giving assignment
This is from a Flip mino shooting a Mac laptop screen. Laptop or flat screens are best to shoot from. If you have an older CRT (those fat picture tube monitors), you can get the dreaded rolling black bars (an interesting science experiment for students--why the bars?). Tips: Sit three or four feet from the screen and shot from there. Place a piece of paper on the screen so the camera can focus, then begin shooting. Cameras seem to have trouble focusing on computer screens. Also, you might use speakers for the sound. The Flip needs the amplification to record sound in this way. This video wasn't shot with a tripod, although if you or the students get too wobbly, mini-tripods can be bought for around $10.

Original Blabberize
An image of FDR was uploaded to Blabberize at The 'talking head' was originally screen captured live with SnapzPro on the Mac (Camstudio would have done it on the PC).

Tutorial with Jing Screen Capture
Uploaded directly from Jing. The embed code is pasted into the clipboard and ready to be pasted (embedded) into blogs, wikis, GoogleEarth, and more! Jing is at Music heard in the background is from the Dada Weatherman, downloaded with full rights from
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Sock Puppet from Film on the Fly
After the video challenge was sent out to participants' cell phone (via an SMS gatewway), videos were shot--typically on cells--and uploaded to YouTube, where they were shown at the close of FETC, the Florida Educational Technology Conference. There are many other fine sites that will take uploads from a Flip cam, including Flip's site. YouTube was chosen because it would take uploads from mobile phones. With a Flip, this is not an issue. The judges believe the sock puppet video was made by great teacher and DEN Star Dennis Grice, from southern California.

Mashup of Discovery Education videos and student editing.
This health video was another winner from the 42nd California Student Media Festival (, as was the first video above. It blends editable clips from the media library at DiscoveryEducationStreaming with original student videos. The edited video has titles, captions, and other elements possible when videos are taken from cameras (like the Flip) and imported into editing programs on school computers.

Videos for the September Webinar on MashUps - Click in Order!

Webisodes on Web 2.0 (below)

This shows how Wordle can used to create a graphic with meaning. And how you can chromakey teachers or students onto the Wordle (import the Wordle screen into iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements)
Webisodes on Web 2.0

"Problems with the feed" (below)

This shows how important content depending on the network can have problems--even for the best techies in the world.

Gizmoz Blue Screen (below)

This is a screen capture from a Web 2.0 site (Gizmoz) safely screen captured and added to MovieMaker.

Talking Frog Blabberize (below)

This is a screen capture from a Web 2.0 site (Blabberize).

Talking Styrofoam (below)

Similar to a screen capture from a Web 2.0 site (Blabberize), this is done on the desktop with the software CrazyTalk (PC).

Second Life Tour (below)
This is a screen capture from a Web site, Second LIfe, where good content is best captured for safety's sake.

Tagul (below)
This is a screen capture from a Web 2.0 site (, an example of a screen capture can do all the work for you. Tagul is like Wordle but it moves and links out to the web.

Google Lit Trips (below)
This is a screen capture from Google Earth highlighting a curriculum project from GoogleLitTrips.

Primary Glogster Lincoln (below)

This is a screen capture from a Web 2.0 site (Glogster). It shows how it can work for primary students, too. This is a collective project.

Primary Glogster BunnyCat (below)
This is a screen capture from a Web 2.0 site (Glogster). It shows how it can work for primary students, too. This is a single student project.

Camcorder Capture (below)
This is a screen capture of a Mac screen with a Camcorder. It works (more or less) and it's free.

Final MashUp (below)
A mashup of a PowerPoint slide from todays presentation, a Tagul screen capture with an link, a Blabberize of Mt. Rushmore from DEstreaming, and a student project. Finished with an editable clip from DEstreaming.

Outtakes from Rushmore (below)
An example of two mouths talking in Blabberize. Lincoln and Roosevelt bickering.

Some examples of participant videos that were added LIVE to this wiki during workshops. Not all remain. :)


Flip Video Archive for Webinars and Workshops

A video from my YT account

A screen capture of a video from Google Maps for the NAPT conference in Portland.

The video Friseo. From Jacqueline. Shot and uploaded from an iPhone to YouTube and to this Wiki from Texas ASCD.